Next.js Dev Wilmer Terrero shipped 6 side projects


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I met Wilmer when he purchased Shipped and he joined the Discord community.
Wilmer is a smart guy and a great engineer. He was able to ship in roughly two weeks while working as a senior software engineer. I had a call over the Internet with him, and he provided me with useful feedback, so I started to follow Wilmer on X.
That’s when I discovered his interesting story, and today I am excited to interview Wilmer for Shipped. Let’s get started.
Luca: Hi Wilmer, could you tell us what’s your background?
Wilmer: I’m a Software Engineer from the Dominican Republic. I have 6 years of experience working as a Web Developer. I discovered Indie Hacking by accident and loved the possibilities of living from my apps.
Luca: As a software engineer, what is your usual tech stack?
Wilmer: All things JavaScript: Next.js, React.js, TypeScript. I am also, experienced in scripting languages like Python and PHP.
Luca: Why did you start building products on the side of your 9-5 job?
Wilmer: I am looking for freedom. Gain money on my terms to not depend on one income stream. Also, I love building apps and letting users use them!
Luca: I discovered from Twitter that you launched many products. What did you learn by launching 6 products?
Wilmer: It increased my shipping muscle and introduced me to a lot of new concepts. Every app that I built, I learned something. Not only about tech but about marketing, sales, SEO, etc.
Luca: I’ve followed the launch of your latest product What did you learn from this launch?
Wilmer: I learned that I need to understand the problem first and the audience before building it. The target users (in my mind?) were real estate agents who suddenly knew that they didn’t want it or did not have the budget for it. Tech relative, I learned a lot of things and introduced me to Shipped which opened a lot of opportunities to build more side projects!
Luca: What are you currently working on?
Wilmer: I’m working on which is a tool that I created for scratching my itch. Now I will be focused on shipping a generative AI product (again)!
Luca: Blurrr looks very cool, congrats! I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. Wilmer, where can people find you?
Wilmer: you can find me on Twitter / X ( and LinkedIn ( If you prefer the email, you can reach out to me at [email protected]

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