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The Next.js Startup Boilerplate for busy founders,
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You don't need to code everything yourself.

Landing pages

Composable and customizable pages, with all you need to showcase and sell your product.

  • Landing page
  • Waitlist
  • Pre-sale
  • Affiliate program page
  • 20 hours saved


Collect payments

Start collecting payments (subscriptions and one-time purchases) in minutes. Powered by Lemon Squeezy (Merchant of Records) you don't need to deal with international taxation anymore.

  • Checkout sessions
  • Webhooks to update the subscriptions
  • Modern checkout UI
  • Pricing page
  • 4 hours saved
  • Lemon Squeezy

    Powered by
    Lemon Squeezy


Sign-up & Login

User authentication finally made easy.

  • Sign up & Login pages
  • Magic link
  • Social login (Google, Apple, X, Facebook...)
  • Save user on the database
  • Private API calls & private section
  • 10 hours saved
  • Powered by








Create your product newsletter and send transactional emails.

  • Use MailChimp, Loops, or any other service
  • Send transactional emails when specific events occur
  • Ready for product updates and email drips
  • 6 hours saved
  • Integrations with







Database ORM

Use your favorite database.
And with Prisma, you don't need to know SQL.

  • Choose your database (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, more...)
  • Database schema with Prisma
  • Simplified data transactions
  • 10 hours saved
  • Prisma

    Powered by



Elegant and modern UI Kit components to build your startup, quickly and effortlessly.

  • Product React Components
  • Components library with ChakraUI
  • Built-in TailwindCSS support
  • Customizable theme to match your brand
  • 18 hours saved
  • Style & UI Kit with









Rank higher on Google with the right content and SEO.

  • Markdown-based
  • Social preview cards
  • Easy pages meta tags
  • YouTube, Loom, and Tweet embeds
  • Sitemap generation for quick Google indexing
  • 6 hours saved
  • Prisma

    Powered by
    Markdown and MDX


74 hours saved

1-click deploy with

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Shipped gives you the customizable pages to launch your startup now.

Landing Page • Waitlist • Pre-sale • Pricing • Affiliate program. All available now within a click.

Save weeks of coding.

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Hey, I am Luca 👋

I'm a software engineer by profession, turned indie maker.

I've launched 5 startups in the last two years ($150k+ in revenues), on the side of my full-time job, and I intend to launch more in the future using Shipped.

I've found myself always repeating the same tasks: create the landing page, add payments, email lists, email sequence, analytics, authentication, etc.

I've decided to create this boilerplate to launch faster — and you can take advantage of it too!

Shipped helps you:

  • Save time as you get the code and components ready to use
  • Remove the struggles of understanding how to make things
  • Earn money online sooner

24k+ people trust me on Twitter, join a community of shippers!

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$100 discount for the next 100 licenses (15 left)

Startup Boilerplate



$157 billed yearly

Next.js 14 & TypeScript

Email integrations

Magic link sign up

Markdown-based blog

Animated UI Components

Email & Password sign up

Lemon Squeezy payments

Social logins (Google, Apple, 60+ more)

ChatGPT prompts for privacy and terms

Discord community ✨

Lifetime updates

Pay once, launch unlimited products

Startup + Chrome Extension Boilerplate



$207 billed yearly

Everything from the Startup Boilerplate

React Chrome Extension Boilerplate

Extension authentication

Push UI into web pages

Read content from web pages

Installation welcome page

Background & Content script

Discord community ✨

Lifetime updates

Pay once, launch unlimited products

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